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Noel Mixed Box of Artisan Chocolate Truffles

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Costèllo+ Hellerstein salted caramel truffles are the benchmark, gold standard, the tippest of tip-top, the portal to higher truffle awareness. In short, they are yummy.” Matthew Fort, British Food Writer & Critic.

Costèllo + Hellerstein is the brainchild of Ori Hellerstein, born in Israel but now living in the Cotswolds via a successful career in some of London's top kitchens. Using his Michelin star experience he has created the most exquisite flavours in his truffles, using the finest ingredients. The flavours were selected from rounds of taste pairings to bring you an unrivalled taste sensation.  All the chocolate truffles are handcrafted in Stroud.

In our limited edition box of 16 mixed truffles you’ll discover four indulgent centres covered by a decadent chocolate shell. These flavours are the perfect grown-up dessert for Christmas; sea salt caramel, dark chocolate orange, ruby ganache and rhubarb & milk chocolate.

4 x Sea Salt Caramel
A thin chocolate shell, dusted with rich cocoa, cocoons a deliciously soft sea salt caramel centre. Pure indulgence with the perfect hint of sea salt.

4 x Ruby Chocolate Ganche
A dark chocolate shell, coated with coconut sugar, conceals a ruby chocolate ganache centre. This subtly tart truffle with hints of berries is truly captivating.

4 x Rhubarb & Milk Chocolate
A chocolate shell dusted with lucuma powder covers a delicate rhubarb and milk chocolate ganache centre. An intensely moreish truffle with hints of caramel. 

4 x Dark Chocolate Orange
A rich elegant dark chocolate shell encases a smooth orange centre with a perfect balance of sweetness and tang. A sublime taste pairing.

Contains 16 truffles, Approx 208g


Box: H6cm x W14cm x D8cm.

Noel Mixed Box of Artisan Chocolate Truffles
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