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Seggiano Panettone Classico

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Fabiano Flamini bakes Seggiano panettone in batches of 85 cakes. His small village bakery is in Semproniano, on Monte Amiata in southern Tuscany. His father bakes the bread during the night and Fabiano starts the day’s cake and biscuit production in the early hours of the morning.

Seggiano panettone may not be as moist and spongy as your average supermarket panettone, but this is the price of a dough which isn’t saturated with glucose syrup. It’s one of the best non-industrial, genuine classic panettones.

Panettone is enjoyed in the Italian culture, accompanied with a glass of spumante or dessert wine. It is also exceptionally good lightly toasted for breakfast with a good coffee and of course, at tea time. 
wheat flour, butter, sugar, sultanas, candied fruit peels (orange and citron peels, glucose syrup, sugar), egg yolk from fresh free range eggs, wildflower honey, salt, natural flavourings. Leavened using a mother dough (wheat flour and water).

Size: 500g

Seggiano Panettone Classico
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