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Seggiano Chocolate Covered Candied Clementine Halves

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Hand made by the Garritano family company in the small Calabrian town of Cosenza, where it has produced delicious dolcetti using local fruit and nuts from the region, for over a century. Started by Manola’s grandmother and now run by Manola and husband Paolo, Garritano make traditional Calabrian confectionery and their production is still very much hand made.

This is a typical Calabrian recipe; whole clementines are candied, using the traditional slow process to preserve the fresh fruit in sugar, then halved and dipped in 70% chocolate. The hint of bitter zest, citrus sweetness and quality dark chocolate combine divinely. Offer as a special dessert chocolate.

Ingredients Candied clementines 55% (clementines, sugar, glucose syrup), chocolate 45% (containing minimum 70% cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier soya lecithin, natural vanilla)

Size: 120g


Seggiano Chocolate Covered Candied Clementine Halves
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