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Ana Hagopian Crown Necklace Black/White

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A lovely paper necklace that nestles into the neckline.  Handmade paper shapes are dyed in different colours and dip dyed at the tip. The colours are set and then strung, with a fastening at the back. Each necklace is different as they are all handmade.

Ana Hagopian is a Barcelona-based artist who makes exquisite vibrant jewellery. Her work oscillates between two constant factors: the allusion to the natural world where she finds organic shape and limitless colour; and the materials which she uses - papers and different types of textiles like cotton and felt which are recycled and can in turn be recycled.  Ana's jewellery is incredibly lightweight yet sits beautifully; contains no metal so is ideal for people with metal allergies; and is robust despite looking fragile.
Ana Hagopian Crown Necklace Black/White
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