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Royal Cinnamon 50g

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BoTree's royal cinnamon has a sensational sweet and spicy flavour, sure to arouse all of your taste buds. Prepare for a cinnamon experience like no other - this heavenly profile of honey and citrus will make you feel warm and cosy all over! The sweetest and brightest cinnamon we have ever tasted, utterly delicious.

Add to: Pastries, baking, savoury or tomato dishes, chai tea and coffee.

Great Taste 2021 : 2 Star Award: Outstanding

Judges' Comments:

A lovely, bright colour and complex, sweet aroma to this powdered cinnamon. A complex flavour, delivering intense sweetness, spice, heat, and honey notes. A really unusual and characterful cinnamon, displaying a fresh and vibrant flavour and no dull powderiness. A surprising and interesting spice that we can't wait to get cooking with.

Intense cinnamon hit with a level of sweetness and spiciness noted. We would love to cook with it and think it is extraordinary and unusual.

A light shade of cinnamon, with a powerful sweet aroma that is quite heady. A finely ground powder, that is immediate and strong on the palate with a prominent and surprising sweetness, then the heat of the spice comes through lingeringly in that sweetness, to finish on a pleasantly sharp citrus note that is almost cleansing in its nature. We felt that as a cinnamon spice this was delicious, better than we had previously experienced and would relish using this in many different ways.

Further seasoning wisdom:

This Royal Cinnamon is an heirloom variety, harvested in the Quang Nam Mountains, Vietnam. 

While most farmers chop down trees to harvest cinnamon, Quang Nam farmers keep the tree alive, make a deep cut at the base and let the bark dry on the tree for a couple of weeks before harvesting it - normally, from trunks of trees 7-10 years old. Curled cinnamon is made from a young branch and is only for aesthetic rather than flavour. This process maintains the fragrant essential oils, creating a deliciously sweet aroma which can be smelt from half a mile away! 

This is the ultimate seasoning companion for all things sweet: baked goods, cakes, desserts, yogurts and smoothies! It also adds a new dimension to chais and coffee. 

Originally produced for the Vietnamese Royal court.


Royal Cinnamon 50g
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