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Turkish Oregano Buds 15g

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We love these oregano buds, a wonderful new spin on your herbal experience. Hand harvested in Denizli. Turkey. Pure, 100% Origanum vulgare, these buds burst with a wild oregano, peppery and hoppy kick.

Conventional oregano leaves can have a medicinal pungency. These are less bitter, with a pronounced zesty quality and slight heat that reminds you of mouth-tingling Sichuan peppercorns.

Add to: Italian cuisine, meat rubs & salads

Great Taste 2021 : 2 Star Award: Outstanding

Judges Comments:

These are stunning!! Gorgeous little buds that pack a massive punch of flavour. The nose is enticing and full to the brim with characteristic aromatic. The buds are pure and clean. No dust. Just the main event - the strong stunning taste of decent oregano. Pop one on your tongue and the essential oils are so strong that they almost burn. They numb. This is intense. Just a few are needed in cooking such is the intensity. We loved them!

Fabulous aroma. We like that these are buds rather than the more familiar leaves. Bright almost medicinal flavour. The strength of the flavour, reminiscent of fresh oregano, would no doubt conduct itself well in cooking. An innovative way of presenting oregano, we feel pride has been taken in this product and the flavour is excellent.

These little buds have an intense and heady scent, reminiscent of the aroma of wild oregano on a walk by the Mediterranean and without the bitter dustiness of some dried oregano. The natural oils are powerful - contained within the unopened flower buds - and we can imagine its versatility in a wide variety of savoury cooking. A simple, natural and delightful product.

What a truly incredible aroma, and when tasting the burst of flavour is superb. The flavour is intense and delicate all at the same time.

Further seasoning wisdom:

Hand picked just before the oregano flowers are ready to open, these buds are tiny, pine cone-shaped sensations that carry a spicy, hoppy flavour. Air dried, and lovingly packaged.

For those who are partial to Italian cuisine, this is a must-have. Add it to pizzas, pasta, breads and oils. 

You can also try freshly crumbling them over your dishes and into salads and dressings. You can also simply add them to your roasting tin of meats and vegetables. 

Once tried, these will become your favourite herby buddies!

Turkish Oregano Buds 15g
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