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Devodier Prosciutto Cotto

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Prosciutto Cotto (Cooked Ham) 100g Presliced and laid by hand in MAP tray. 

'Low water' aromatic ham from Emilia-Romagna. It is characterised by the soft pink colour of the slices, a particularly delicate perfume, a velvety texture, and a sweet flavour.

Produced with real artisanal technique on the Parma hills, this cooked ham is a soft, sweet and velvety delicatessen product. It is characterized by a particularly delicate perfume and the soft pink colour of the slice. The cooked hams are obtained from pork legs selected with care and experience to obtain a product of the highest quality with a unique flavour that respects the natural taste of the meat. The thighs are then processed with spices and placed in a mould to be cooked. Subsequently, the ham is trimmed, packaged and pasteurised with the final result of charcuterie product with a very high percentage of meat compared to the average of the reference sector, which makes it a highly prized cooked ham with strong technical and nutritional features.

Size: 100g

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Devodier Prosciutto Cotto
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