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Sanuki Shisei Sanuki Udon Noodles

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Some of the finest udon Japan has to offer! This pack contains five bunches of dried sanuki udon noodles. Ready in just 12 minutes, these noodles are some of the thickest, chewiest and just plain delicious udon you can eat. Enjoy either hot or cold, in soups or on their own with dipping sauce.

To prepare these udon noodles:
Add one bunch udon noodles (enough for 1 serving) to a pan of approx. 1L of boiling water.
Lightly stir with chopsticks until the noodles soften and become completely submerged. Then allow to boil for approx. 10 minutes (for hot udon dishes) or 12 minutes (for cold udon dishes).
Once boiled, do a taste check to see whether they are you’re preferred softness, drain and serve hot in soup, or rinse out with cold water and serve cold.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Salt. 

Sanuki Shisei Sanuki Udon Noodles
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