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Mymoune Pomegranate Molasses 25cl

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Only one ingredient - pomegranates. This is superior thick tangy and fruity concentrate of pomegranates.
A truly versatile store cupboard ingredient, and 100% natural. Use in traditional middle eastern dishes, in salad dressings instead of a good quality balsamic vinegar, vegetarian dishes, stews and tomato based sauces.

This thick, rich dark brown syrup, simply pomegranate flesh reduced by boiling, is a reduction of pure pomegranate juice, is beautifully sweet-sour and is useful for both seasoning and in sweet and savoury cooking. Chicken and duck are wonderful marinated in it. It can also be used for deglazing roasting juices and in dressings.  It has an intense, sharp flavour and can be used in place of lemon juice in Middle-Eastern dishes.

Mymoune is a small family-run business based in the village of Ain El Kabou, at the foot of Mount Sannine. They produce home made preserved fruits and flower waters of excellent quality and no compromise. These products are made with love, the traditional Lebanese way. The lushness of the local soil, and the good mediterranean weather, allows them to produce fruits rich in colour and flavour. All ingredients are handpicked and individually selected for the best possible taste.

This may not be the cheapest pomegranate molasses on the market but authentic, beautiful ingredients like these inspire. Totally addictive once experienced.

Ingredients: Pomegranates

Size: 25cl

Mymoune Pomegranate Molasses 25cl
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