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Saffron in Cosmetic Box

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Saffron is the most precious and expensive spice in the world. The saffron threads are the dried stigmas of the saffron flower, Crocus Sativus Linneaus. Each flower contains only three stigmas. These threads must be picked from each flower by hand, and approximately 170,000 of these flowers are needed to produce 1kg of saffron filaments, making it the world's most precious spice.

For thousands of years saffron has been linked to beauty, elegance and good taste. Saffron is unique among spices. It has an aroma and flavour that cannot be duplicated, either naturally or artificially.

Crush and soak saffron to release its flavour. The best way to extract flavour from saffron is to soak the threads in hot (not boiling) liquid for 5-20 minutes then add both the saffron and the liquid to the recipe.

Because of its intense flavour and strong dying properties, very little saffron is required for culinary purposes and the key is to distribute it evenly throughout the dish. Saffron should be stored away from moisture and light. Kept this way, it has a shelf life of many years.

Our top grade pure saffron is from Iran. This is the highest colour index and aroma available, with no yellow stamens.  1g of this precious commodity is presented in a 'cosmetic' box, making it a lovely little gift for a foodie.

Saffron in Cosmetic Box
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