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Avion Ladies Belt 3106

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If you have never experienced the fit of a well made leather belt, welcome to Avion's belts. These are not mass produced; they are lovingly crafted with a great deal of hand work. As standard, the belts are beautifully lined with pigskin, or fabric in the case of soft leather belts; this is essential to protect your clothing. The belts have sewn-in buckles, rather than cheap studs to hold the buckle in place.

The wide belts are shaped for optimal fit and comfort. The wider the belt, the more pronounced the curve of the felt needs to be to ensure that it is comfortable to wear.

The belts are sized in centimetres. The size relates to the circumference of the belt when fastened on the centre hole. The size you will need depends where you intend to wear your belt, on your waist or your hips.

Ladies' Belt in Taupe Parma Leather and Lilac Leather in 85 and 95cm.

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