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Seggiano Organic Carnaroli Risotto Rice

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Italians consider this the supreme risotto rice, as the grain cooks uniformly throughout.
  • Competes with Arborio as the best risotto rice
  • Carnaroli rice grains absorb maximum liquid for tastiest risottos
  • An original Italian rice cultivar
  • Organically grown in the Po Valley, north east Italy
  • Traditional stone husking

A gourmet, organic risotto rice, loved for the full flavour it brings to a creamy risotto. This superb rice is known for its excellent absorbency. Carnaroli rice grains swell and absorb the maximum amount of flavour, cooking evenly through the grain. Its quality lies in both the grain selection and traditional stone husking, a gentle process that results in optimum nutrient and flavour. It's vacuum packed to maintain quality.


Seggiano Organic Carnaroli Risotto Rice
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