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Seggiano Black Venus Rice

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 A delicious black whole-grain rice, developed from a strain which was originally exclusive to the Chinese imperial family. 

  • Perfect for rice salads
  • Nerone rice is wonderful with seafood
  • An original Italian rice cultivar
  • Organically grown in the Po Valley, north east Italy
  • Traditional stone husking

A delicious, gourmet black wholegrain rice from Vercelli rice farmers in the Po Valley of Piemonte. Its quality lies in both the grain selection and traditional stone husking, a gentle process that results in optimum nutrient and flavour. Firm in texture with a unique, deep purple colour when cooked, Seggiano organic black Nerone rice is perfect for flavourful rice salads and pairs wonderfully with seafood. It's vacuum packed to maintain quality.

It is an aromatic rice, deep purple-black in colour and rich in nutritional properties. Being a type of wholegrain rice, it needs prolonged cooking of 40 to 50 minutes. It is ideal with seafood, or tossed with fresh asparagus, onion and garlic. It is also equally good on its own, with little or no additional flavouring.

500g pack

Seggiano Black Venus Rice
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